Monday, October 29, 2007

Sherry Jackson Trial Update

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Sherry Jackson Trial Update

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Sherry Jackson Trial Update

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Sherry Jackson Trial Update

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Web Site and Discussion Forum

Hey folks,

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David Jahn

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Great LTE on Art Farnsworth from Ken Krawchuk


The following letter to the editor was printed today in the MontCo/Bucks
Co. Intelligencer (and I assume in the sister papers as well).

I note with some annoyance that they deleted the sentence with the URL
and the paragraph about the kangaroo. Otherwise it made it out intact.

Happy April Fool's Day everyone!

- Ken


To the Editor:

Imagine that you're driving your car and come to a green light.
Inexplicably, other cars are stopped for it. You safely proceed through
the intersection but are immediately pulled over by the police and given a
ticket for running the green light. When you look at the ticket, it
doesn't say what law you broke or what the fine is, and when you appear in
court to ask what's up, you receive no answers and are thrown in jail.

An outlandish scenario? Absolutely! But it describes what happened to
tax honesty advocate Art Farnsworth.

From his research, Art concluded that there is no law requiring the
average American to pay the federal income tax. When he asked the IRS to
show him the law requiring it, they wouldn't comply (i.e., couldn't
comply), so Art stopped filing. The IRS then brought charges against him,
but they never identified which law Art broke by not filing, which tax he
owed, nor how much. Despite the lack of any assessment, they convicted
Art anyway for not paying a tax he didn't owe.

Where is the outrage, the outcry? Have we become so numb to the chronic
erosion of our rights that we just knuckle under when faced with the
kangaroo court of IRS trials?

Alarmingly, these sorts of unbelievable horrors are not only happening to
poor Art Farnsworth. First they came for the tax honesty advocates, and
now America routinely throws people in prison, tortures them, and
confiscates all their assets without a trial, again to no outcry. Even in
those rare cases where the citizenry does awaken, such as when America
invaded another country on trumped-up charges, the outcry falls on deaf
ears. Clearly, America is in a dangerous downward spiral and heading for
a nasty crash landing with all of us aboard.

Fortunately, Aaron Russo (producer of the Eddie Murphy movie Trading
Places) has released a new documentary, "America: Freedom to Fascism",
detailing the truth behind the income tax fraud and many other ills of our
nation. It can be viewed free on Google video at

You owe it to yourself and to America to become educated about the fraud
the IRS is foisting upon us -- and soon too, before America's Darth Vader
chooses to target you as well.

Ken V. Krawchuk

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ed Brown IRS Standoff Exclusive Video

A New Hampshire man has gained national media attention by his refusal to surrender to federal authorities after being found guilty by a federal jury of tax evasion. The media is mystified by the national movement of supporters converging on Mr. Brown’s New Hampshire home, many of whom are willing to risk their own lives to stand with him, even sleeping outdoors in a New England winter. This documentary explains the complex issues surrounding these events, and contains exclusive video footage of Mr. Brown explaining his position, and his determination to be killed defending himself against any government efforts to take him into custody.

Aaron Russo’s film “America: From Freedom to Fascism” ( has been attracting interest across the nation, and Mr. Brown is one of many who believe the federal government lacks the legal authority to impose federal income taxes on Americans. The government seeks to discredit Mr. Brown through his conviction and presumed incarceration: "Some people are drawn to the anti-tax movements and the false representation that there is no legal requirement to file and pay taxes. Today's verdict clearly reaffirms the repeated rejection of these arguments in the courts," IRS Special Agent Douglas Bricker said in a statement after Thursday's court ruling. (, 1/19/07) But Mr. Brown has made it clear that this standoff is about much more than federal taxes, and that he is by no means alone. The mainstream media are not reporting on these other issues, and are perplexed by what they see as a lone criminal preparing to die violently, backed by growing numbers of people from disparate backgrounds.

A Vermont lawyer and writer who has criticized the Bush administration in a well-researched book entitled “Christian Words, Un-Christian Actions: George W. Bush and the Desecration of Christianity in Modern America” ( grabbed a camera and traveled to New Hampshire to capture the full story of Mr. Brown and his supporters. The video is shot by his wife, and the couple is clearly not fearful of the Brown clan: further, they have been trusted by Mr. Brown to tell the story where other media are distrusted and excluded. This video powerfully explains what this is really all about, and why this standoff is likely the beginning of something much larger.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Art Farnsworth verdict

If you have not yet heard via the media, the jury came back after just one hour of deliberation with a guilty verdict on all three counts, late Friday afternoon. The defense rested earlier that day, and due to the number of jury instructions, the jury did not go out to deliberate until around 3:30 p.m. That would have been enough to worry me, save for the fact that I believed we had prevailed to that point in what was generally considered to be a fair trial. The jury returned at 4:30, per the judge's instructions, not with a request to come back on Monday, but with verdict sheets in hand. It was then that I started to worry.

I have issues to discuss with attorneys about things upcoming, and I am not going to say anything at all at this point in time about those things. The sentencing is scheduled for early March, so I have until then to work on some things.

I thank all of you who provided support, be it conversational, prayerful, or financial. Don't stop now, as I'm not done yet.

I have decided to reduce my profile, and hopefully by doing so no longer be a target. America needs brave individuals to stand up and save her, and I have done that for the better part of a decade now. I will continue to be a patriot, but perhaps as a part of a group, rather than as a lone soldier.

Arthur L. Farnsworth

Friday, December 08, 2006

Well everyone,

After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury found Art guilty on all counts. There were highs and lows throughout the day, but I'm not prepared to convey all of my thoughts at the moment.

In the final analysis, I must say that Art had a fair trial, with a fair judge. Many of us found the jury instructions to be quite fair with some stating they were better than any they had heard in other cases.

The prosecution portrayed Art in the worst possible light, and the defense obviously failed to convince the jury otherwise.

Art is a good and decent man and it must be obvious to the prosecutors and the court. To their credit, the prosecution made no request after the verdict regarding Art's dispostion. They didn't ask for him to be taken into custody, and they didn't ask for increased bail. There was also a recommendation by I believe it was court services to continue Art's present bail condition. The judge concurred with the wishes of all, so Art was free to leave. Sentencing will be in March.

These tax cases are tough. The government has the advantage. The mindset of jurors is that everyone is surely required to file and pay and anyone who questions that must be dillusional. The issues raised by the defense appear to be far too complex for the average juror to grasps, and much of it goes right over their heads.

I need some time to collect my thoughts.

Let's move any discussion of this case to the forum

My thanks to all for their interest in Arthur Farnsworth and this case.

David Jahn

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Arthur Farnsworth Trial - Day 3 (posted a day late)
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