Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ed Brown IRS Standoff Exclusive Video

A New Hampshire man has gained national media attention by his refusal to surrender to federal authorities after being found guilty by a federal jury of tax evasion. The media is mystified by the national movement of supporters converging on Mr. Brown’s New Hampshire home, many of whom are willing to risk their own lives to stand with him, even sleeping outdoors in a New England winter. This documentary explains the complex issues surrounding these events, and contains exclusive video footage of Mr. Brown explaining his position, and his determination to be killed defending himself against any government efforts to take him into custody.

Aaron Russo’s film “America: From Freedom to Fascism” ( has been attracting interest across the nation, and Mr. Brown is one of many who believe the federal government lacks the legal authority to impose federal income taxes on Americans. The government seeks to discredit Mr. Brown through his conviction and presumed incarceration: "Some people are drawn to the anti-tax movements and the false representation that there is no legal requirement to file and pay taxes. Today's verdict clearly reaffirms the repeated rejection of these arguments in the courts," IRS Special Agent Douglas Bricker said in a statement after Thursday's court ruling. (, 1/19/07) But Mr. Brown has made it clear that this standoff is about much more than federal taxes, and that he is by no means alone. The mainstream media are not reporting on these other issues, and are perplexed by what they see as a lone criminal preparing to die violently, backed by growing numbers of people from disparate backgrounds.

A Vermont lawyer and writer who has criticized the Bush administration in a well-researched book entitled “Christian Words, Un-Christian Actions: George W. Bush and the Desecration of Christianity in Modern America” ( grabbed a camera and traveled to New Hampshire to capture the full story of Mr. Brown and his supporters. The video is shot by his wife, and the couple is clearly not fearful of the Brown clan: further, they have been trusted by Mr. Brown to tell the story where other media are distrusted and excluded. This video powerfully explains what this is really all about, and why this standoff is likely the beginning of something much larger.