Thursday, July 20, 2006

Here is an update on Irwin Schiff posted by "the Constitutionalist", one of our commenters.


When Mr. Schiff was not allowed to present evidence or witnesses at his trial the IRS agents and pro prosecution types that haunt this blog spot denied those facts. When the IRS illegally took Mr. Schiff's commissary funds which kept him from buying anything in prison to make his life tolerable they were silent. Well, here is another activity the employers of all DOJ and IRS agents are engaged in they can be proud of.

Mr. Schiff requested his sentence be served in Connecticut. The real criminal during Me. Schiff's trial, Judge Dawson, granted that request. However, that is not exactly what happened. During a four month period the almost eighty year old Mr. Schiff was transferred from Las Vegas via New Mexico to Arizona. Then to California. Next came Oklahoma. Now he is in New Jersey. Each time he was shackled hand to foot and in a cage on a bus sitting on a hard bench for hours on end. This is referred to as "Diesel Therapy."

Even though they know Mr. Schiff has a condition that prevents him from feeling anything below his knees they made him wear army boots. After he removed those boots his socks were soaked with blood and all the skin had worn off of his toes!

Not only is he being his physically tortured but because the prison system does not forward mail it also keeps Mr. Schiff from receiving mail from the people who are helping him with his appeal or are concerned about his welfare. Five of our letters to him have been returned as "Unknown Inmate."

We will not be surprised if the next address for Mr. Schiff is Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Abograve or Boot Hill in a unmarked pauper's grave.

It is obvious to us this is a effort to incapacitate or kill Mr. Schiff to shut him up before he can embarrass the federal justice system during his appeal.
Therefore, we hope those DOJ employees and IRS agents beam with pride as they tell their grandchildren just how proud they should be of the humane way their masters treat a proud, honest patriot whose health is failing.

The Constitutionalist