Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Great LTE on Art Farnsworth from Ken Krawchuk


The following letter to the editor was printed today in the MontCo/Bucks
Co. Intelligencer (and I assume in the sister papers as well).

I note with some annoyance that they deleted the sentence with the URL
and the paragraph about the kangaroo. Otherwise it made it out intact.

Happy April Fool's Day everyone!

- Ken


To the Editor:

Imagine that you're driving your car and come to a green light.
Inexplicably, other cars are stopped for it. You safely proceed through
the intersection but are immediately pulled over by the police and given a
ticket for running the green light. When you look at the ticket, it
doesn't say what law you broke or what the fine is, and when you appear in
court to ask what's up, you receive no answers and are thrown in jail.

An outlandish scenario? Absolutely! But it describes what happened to
tax honesty advocate Art Farnsworth.

From his research, Art concluded that there is no law requiring the
average American to pay the federal income tax. When he asked the IRS to
show him the law requiring it, they wouldn't comply (i.e., couldn't
comply), so Art stopped filing. The IRS then brought charges against him,
but they never identified which law Art broke by not filing, which tax he
owed, nor how much. Despite the lack of any assessment, they convicted
Art anyway for not paying a tax he didn't owe.

Where is the outrage, the outcry? Have we become so numb to the chronic
erosion of our rights that we just knuckle under when faced with the
kangaroo court of IRS trials?

Alarmingly, these sorts of unbelievable horrors are not only happening to
poor Art Farnsworth. First they came for the tax honesty advocates, and
now America routinely throws people in prison, tortures them, and
confiscates all their assets without a trial, again to no outcry. Even in
those rare cases where the citizenry does awaken, such as when America
invaded another country on trumped-up charges, the outcry falls on deaf
ears. Clearly, America is in a dangerous downward spiral and heading for
a nasty crash landing with all of us aboard.

Fortunately, Aaron Russo (producer of the Eddie Murphy movie Trading
Places) has released a new documentary, "America: Freedom to Fascism",
detailing the truth behind the income tax fraud and many other ills of our
nation. It can be viewed free on Google video at www.TinyURL.com/YBDB9J.

You owe it to yourself and to America to become educated about the fraud
the IRS is foisting upon us -- and soon too, before America's Darth Vader
chooses to target you as well.

Ken V. Krawchuk

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