Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Here is an update from Art Farnsworth

Dear subscriber,

I just found out from my attorney Peter Goldberger (who's now handling the appeals phase), that the disposition date for the appeals court is on or about April 28. What this means is that the briefs submitted by the government (boo) and our side (yay!) in March and early April will not even be looked at until that day. At that point, the appeals court either calls for oral arguments or proceeds to set a date -- it could be 'anytime" -- by which it will render a decision. I take all this to mean that we won't be back in Judge Padova's courtroom until it's swimming season.

Thanks to those of you who chipped in a few bucks here and there to help defray legal expenses.

I'm in the process of looking again for full time or contract/consulting work in my field, so if you know of anyone who needs an embedded microprocessor applications engineer, let me know!