Friday, December 08, 2006

Well everyone,

After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury found Art guilty on all counts. There were highs and lows throughout the day, but I'm not prepared to convey all of my thoughts at the moment.

In the final analysis, I must say that Art had a fair trial, with a fair judge. Many of us found the jury instructions to be quite fair with some stating they were better than any they had heard in other cases.

The prosecution portrayed Art in the worst possible light, and the defense obviously failed to convince the jury otherwise.

Art is a good and decent man and it must be obvious to the prosecutors and the court. To their credit, the prosecution made no request after the verdict regarding Art's dispostion. They didn't ask for him to be taken into custody, and they didn't ask for increased bail. There was also a recommendation by I believe it was court services to continue Art's present bail condition. The judge concurred with the wishes of all, so Art was free to leave. Sentencing will be in March.

These tax cases are tough. The government has the advantage. The mindset of jurors is that everyone is surely required to file and pay and anyone who questions that must be dillusional. The issues raised by the defense appear to be far too complex for the average juror to grasps, and much of it goes right over their heads.

I need some time to collect my thoughts.

Let's move any discussion of this case to the forum

My thanks to all for their interest in Arthur Farnsworth and this case.

David Jahn

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