Sunday, February 26, 2006


We have a juror that is being charged with perjury for questioning the judges ruling regarding the legality of a search.

The best article I can find regarding the case is on the home page of this web site

According to this America Voice article:

Carol Asher is a 66-year old retired nun and school teacher who volunteers tirelessly as an assistant to Retired Phoenix, Arizona Police Officer Jack McLamb. Her energies are siphoned into the organization, Aid & Abet Police & Military organization. As a hard worker and a caring person who strives to help others, she is now facing the possibility of serving 14 years in prison.

Apparently, Asher continued to question the constitutionality of a search during jury deliberations despite the judges assertions that the search was lawful. As we should all know by now, jurors are not permitted to think for themselves in this country.

One must ask where exactly have judges developed this notion that it is the actually meaning then, the Judge’s--prerogative to decide what a law written and defined by the legislature actually means. One would think that a law so complicated and not understandable to an average jurist would be by definition void. Courts have ruled that ignorance of the law is supposedly no defense however, when ones becomes a jurist the court apparently declares them incompetent and tells them what the law is. This appears to be a very self severing double standard.

Carol Asher’s attorney is Wesley Hoyt at, her next court appearance is scheduled for March 7th.

The American Voice article is well worth reading.