Sunday, October 30, 2005


After listening to Mike Golden's update relaying his first visit with Irwin Schiff , it is obvious that things have taken a turn for the worst.

I would also encourage everyone to listen to Cindy's latest message.

In the midst of this sadness, the comments on this blog from the government's agents and supporters have become intolerable and inciting.

Emotions are running high and the government's detractors are infuriating many folks on these lists, causing them to say things they may later regret. I know we are all looking for peaceful solutions to the problems that confront this nation. Let's not lose sight of that.

For the time being, in order to restore order to this blog, I will endeavor to delete posts from the Frank Buckner's and other agitators whose sole purpose is the spread of their venom. My schedule only permits me to delete comments a couple times a day. In the mean time, please ignore such posts and resist the urge to respond, knowing I will delete them at the end of the day. Let's stay focused on the goal of reclaiming our judicial system.

The purpose of this list is to follow trials and assure defendants are afforded due process in this nation. We have just witnessed one of the worst examples of a trial the world has to offer with the defendants now fighting for their lives. My hope is without these distractions from the detractors, we might be free to formulate appropriate peaceful actions to free these people.

We appreciate you cooperation and support.

Stay tuned!

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Tax protestors: first to proclaim their love of freedom, but also first to censor.

Welcome to the tax protestor's Amerika!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/30/2005 3:20 PM  

I hope the administrator re-considers his banning of posts.

I cannot believe that the administrator is going to act just like the government is in banning Schiff's book.

We all scream foul when Schiff's book was and is banned by the government. We all scream foul when Schiff and the others are silenced for speaking.

Now the administrator is going to ban Free Speech as the government would try to do when someone is saying something they don't like or agree with.

That makes us just as bad as what they are doing.

I don't like some of the comments made by those against Schiff and such but I do believe they have just as much a right to free speech as I do.

I just ignore their posts but believe they to have the roght to post and be heard!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/30/2005 4:33 PM  

don't ban the detractors lest we become like them...

it is pretty obvious the irs is a scam of unimaginable proportion and al they have are insults and taunts...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/30/2005 4:44 PM  

I agree with you all. Banning makes us the same as them.

By Anonymous John, at 10/30/2005 5:18 PM  

Duh judge can blame satin for his mistake because that is who he follows,but it won't do him any good in the end when he's at the GATE !!! Naked & trembling.

A very famous MAN once said that most of his fowlers WILL lose their lives & souls through their own ignorance!What is the jails address,Duh judges adress, judges church adress? Inform these people that they are not owned by the federal Gov.Duh judge might want to wake up !!!! When he leaves the FEDERAL terriorties he becomes a tresspasser & is subject to GODs law, not his Phoney FEDERAL Personnels laws, common law is for the people not he FEDS>. All people need to read TITLE 28 U.S.C. CHAPTER(5) SECTION 81-131 or go to & read page 2!!!!!!!! Title 28 STATES that ALL JUDGES & JURORS MUST LIVE & RESIDE WITHIN THE FEDERAL TERRITORIES & NONE OF THEM DO!!!! (This means that they MUST live & reside on LAND OWNED by the FEDERAL GOV.& NONE OF them do ) (You have the jurors names, look up their addrsee & prove to yourselves this fact.) THIS MEANS NONE OF THEIR LAWS ARE ANY GOOD FOR US!!!NON FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, THE JURORS were FOOLED.!!! READ TITLE 28 CHAPTER 5 DON'T be a DUMB ASS any longer.FREE your--------- selves!!!!!!ALL these JURORS WILL SURLEY GO TO HELL!!!Ignorance of GOD's law is no excuse!!!!!!!! I have knowledge that a person can make a citizens arrest on any one that breaks our law (commom law). HEY call the Sheirffs office to check this fact. For all you dummies; check at the county clerks office to see if the FEDERAL GOV.. OWNS your house or do you. A FEDERAL employee does not have any authority off their period. People get a tresspass sign,they understand them,some of the FEDS. can read. Learn how to wipe your ass correctly & start kicking their ass! DUH judge is now put on notice that jesus said,( he judge or not )he who destroies another mans character is guilty of murder!!And if one only thinks this in his mind he is guilty!!!!One who discards this must be a very BIG BOY or dumb BULLY. What would the average citizen do if some bully at a school did this to their child? WELL Erwin is someones child. (GOD'S child) WE do not have to worry because the devil kills his own,cause they are worth nothing! (COCKROACH)I think this man will be eliminated by his own & another idiot will take his place & i predict this to take place by the end of NOV. THE FEDS> will blame the people. People are real mad! David killed.a BIG BOY with a small stone Don't you all understand this man is replaceable. he is more scared of the feds than we will ever know!!! AND if not he is real dumb! The FEDERAL GOV.sold the posion gas to saddaum to kill his own peolpe. Get the picture? Bill Gates traded his 46.6 billion dollars for the EURO last thursday Oct. 20th 2005. I am in the process of doing this right now.Now you all know why Erwin did this!!!before MR. GATES did. Have the balls to tell the FEDS. take your phoney money & shove it,kerry's stupid wife said it best when she told that guy to shove it.They need to shove all their jobs. DON'T YOU people know that the road to HELL is paved with republicans & backed up by democrates.Relize that the gov. never did one small thing for the people, they only take away!!! Maybe they gave some one hemorrhoids from siting on their behinds to long.Also for the slow minded, WHITE PERSONS are not U.S. citizens! we are citizens of the several states!!!ONLY people of african blood were made U.S. citizens & they are all dead now ,LOOK it up you FOOL, you were fooled. Take ACTION!!!JESUS SAID IF YOU ARE AFRAID TO LOSE YOUR LIFE IN MY NAMES SAKE YOU WILL NOT HAVE IT IN HEAVEN.BUT IF YOU LOSE IT IN MY NAMES SAKE YOU SHALL HAVE IT IN HEAVEN!!!Look here dawson!& everyone else!!!

What do the people of this country have?????? A war! & a debt! THE members of congress will not pay for the the debt! A war cost the people not the president,not his money not his children ,but our money & our children . Let the CONGRESS fight the war, they will not they are cowards!! I am only one but I say to you that i will go fight if 100 of them go with me.That would be a mistake on my part. JUSES said all was are unjust!!!Who'S right BUSH,KERRY, DAWSON or JESUS????FOOLS FOOLS FOOLS!!!WWhat say you?????

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/30/2005 5:24 PM  

It is obvious the anonymous bloggers above are either Frank Buckner in drag or do not understand free speech. This blog spot IS NOT A STEER CORNER which is where free speech should be tolerated and defended! It was set up as a private forum for Patriots to help one another. Those who do not know the difference know nothing about the Constitution! It was not set up for bored idiot to spout their venom or bored idiots to answer them. If you don't think the blog master is right then start your own blog spot. Personally I applaud him/her!

By Blogger We the Constitutionalists, at 10/30/2005 6:17 PM