Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Conference Call (seg 3)

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"America could have further recourse to force, which could last some time and spread to
other countries as part of the *settling of accounts sought by the United States," he added,
echoing widespread Arab fears that the operation against the Taliban and Osama bin Laden could lead to a wider regional confrontation."
Saddam Hussein

PLEASE, this has nothing to do with anyone's opinion of Hussein or Bush -

NOTE the terminology *settling of accounts

Will the United States next settle the accounts of those behind in their taxes in the same manner as that of Saddam? Looks as though

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/27/2005 9:34 AM  

Mike the radio rebel has no clue what he is talking about. His facts are all wrong!

1. Neun's attorney stated in his opening statemnet that Neun was finished with all the tax matters, Irwin and all other's related to the tax movement.

2. So now she is posting to the blogs making her attorney look like a liar and her self.

3. Neun is not in any Federal pen she is in another city dentention center.

4. Neun lied about the money of inheritance to the court and there for what she says cannot be believed!

5. Neun has not benn in a wheel chair for well over 15 years. Not recently as Mike want to claim.

6. Mike the radio rebel did no pay for Irwins new attorney from chicago it is Irwin's son whom is paying and has paid for the attorney to come in from Chicago.


By Anonymous Paco, at 10/27/2005 7:33 PM  

Will green onions get rid of the Social Security # if you send it to the right person?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/29/2005 2:43 AM