Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Schiff Trial Alternate Juror. (Update 1)

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Your federal attorney doesn't know what he/she is talking about. A judge has no power to overturn a not guilty verdict. He does have the power to vacate a guilty verdict but don't hold your breath.

By Blogger FLoA, at 10/19/2005 1:47 PM  

My name if Dave. I wonder if the alternante juror is the government's ringer.

By Anonymous Dave, at 10/19/2005 4:02 PM  

Hey, Dave, I had the same thought. It seems just a little toooo convenient that a juror gets lost.

By Anonymous interested party, at 10/19/2005 6:24 PM  

They should have already had at least one plant. Using the alternate, unless she is already fixed, is risky because she has probably heard of some of the publicity.

Read in my book, In the Teeth of the Wind--A Study of Power and How to Fight It, about at least one tax protestor case I handled where I believe a jury was drugged.

Irwin's only chance is that they fear being discovered because there are so many people watching. Exercises of power are rare because of this fear. There are so many things that can go wrong.

Also, this judge has already been compromised by having an ex parte hearing with the prosecutor--whether recorded or not. Remember the Marshall in charge of the jury gets paid with the same green checks that all fed employees receive. And there are drugs that can make people pliable to suggestion.

By Blogger FLoA, at 10/19/2005 7:13 PM  

Watch the jury when they come in after they reach a verdict. If they come in shortly after lunch and are all stooped over and looking down on the ground and avoiding eye contact with Irwin, that would be an indication of drugging.
I once made a motion to allow my client to buy and pay for the food and to have a person of our choice to be with the Marshall at all times, which, of course was denied

By Blogger FLoA, at 10/19/2005 7:48 PM