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Irwin Schiff Trial Coverage by Freedom Law School (Segment 1 of 4)

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At the beginning of the Erwin Schiff trial Judge Dawson and his assistants, the prosecution team, had a major problem. The illegal search of Mr. Schiff’s offices had revealed the fact that Mr. Schiff could prove neither Nevada Senator John Ensign, Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye, the Library of Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury nor over 300 IRS agents could find a law that required resident citizens of the United States to file or pay income tax.
But that wasn’t Judgie Poo Dawson’s only problem. He was also aware that more and more of the citizens that had been illegally prosecuted for tax crimes were being found not guilty because of that silly little quirk in the law that there is no law. Being a quick study Judgie Poo must have realized if this keeps up no one will pay the income tax. Then, it’s reasonable to believe his first thoughts were, “Heavens to Betsy that will mean the government will get rid of its inferior federal judges! No more houty touty country club! No more bowing and scraping to me! No more extra curricular activities in Pahrump’s Chicken Ranch! And, and, God Forbid, I’ll have to find a real job!”
However, you just can’t keep a good man down. So Judge Dawson decided to interpret the tax code as being the world’s largest word anagram dictionary. Therefore, in Judge Dawson’s brave new world if there are words, contained anywhere in the tax code, that one could use to construct a law requiring the citizens to file and pay taxes on their income from wages, then the citizen is required by law to pull those individual words out and put them together in a somewhat cohesive sentence which spells out such a law. Then, that becomes the law they are to obey because the individual words did come from the tax code. Now I know Mr. Schiff has seen it all, but I’ll bet even Mr. Schiff would admit Judge Dawson’s criminal and cunning misuse of the tax code in this manner is creative and unique.
However, apparently during this trial Judge Dawson decided the jury was incapable of word anagram construction. So, being ever diligent in his proven partisan pro prosecution quest for injustice, during one of his illegal exparte meetings with the prosecution (one of which is Mormon, as is Judge Dawson) he constructed the law which compels the payment of income tax. Unfortunately some of the words Judge Dawson wanted to use were not in the tax code so he declared, because his is a life time appointment, he can do anything he wants to. So, in addition to section 1 of the tax code he included the writings of the Prophet Joseph Smith on Polygamy and the entire works of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales in his source material.
Even though I fear being sanctioned with jail time for revealing the new law prior to judge Dawson springing it on the jury and Irwin, as a patriot I am compelled to do so.
Therefore I present to you the new and improved law requiring the filing and paying of income tax as authored by his most honorable Justice Kent J. Dawson
When in the course of inhuman events it becomes evident the government’s group of hit-men known as the IRS ass is on the line it is incumbent on all federal judges to come to the rescue. Therefore, I, the most Holy and respected Federal Judge Kent Dawson have on this day of our Lord came down from Mount Charleston (just north of Las Vegas) with the law, written in Crayon, on the back my W-4 exemption form, by the hand of an anonymous stranger who resembled Charlton Heston complete with long flowing white hair who was given immunity from prosecution by the federal prosecutor.
IRS Tax Code Number 0
All money or valuables in excess of $6,000.00 earned annually by anyone, including butchers, bakers, candlestick makers and ugly hookers, residing in the United States are subject to income tax and must be reported on a 1040 form and paid to the IRS within twenty four hours of receipt of such money or valuables. This law expressly includes people named Irwin Schiff, Cindy Neun, Larry Cohen and everyone they know.
Evidence of the violation of this law includes the placing of funds in any financial institution which IRS agents cannot intimidate into giving said funds to them.
The penalty for failure to adhere to this law is to be sprayed with mace and immediate incarceration in a dark, damp dungeon with no benefit of trial and the confiscation of all property the IRS decides it wants which includes any expensive golf clubs monogrammed with K.D.
However, this law does not include Halliburton or any major oil company or its higher echelon personnel, anyone friendly with President Bush or anyone in his administration or any person making in excess of $200.000.00 who has a lawyer to degrease the skids of justice or take advantage of all the loopholes provided for the preferred class of people.

Exempt Gifts
All gifts of money, land, *stocks and bonds or vacations to government officials i.e. Congressmen, Senators, Members of City Councils, IRS agents, Federal Judges and Prosecutors ECT.
* This includes stock split tips or the profit on inside information given to the cronies of all of the above on where new highways will be built.
Non-exempt Gifts
All rent, electric and phone bills paid by a boy/girl friend unless proof of the relationship is provided in the form of a semi monthly video tape of explicit sexual activity between them is given to all the male IRS agents, the male federal prosecutors and all judges regardless of gender.

All deadbeats that are not required to file or pay income tax must fall into one of the following groups.

1. Any little old lady who lives in a shoe and is straddled with a bunch of brats.
2. Anyone who’s diet consists entirely of Curds and Whey and lives on the *streets out of sight of respectable people. *Authors note > more specifically not living in tent city which Judge Dawson has previously ruled was a stinky blight on society and repugnant to society.
3. All people who know where the skeletons are hidden that would cause problems for high placed people, such as federal judges.
4. Those IRS agents (30 percent) who know where their fellow agents and superiors skeletons are hidden and already do not file or pay income tax.
5. Any employee of the Chicken Ranch in Pahrump.
6. Any old woman named Hubbard that is too poor to buy a bone for her dog unless such dog is not flea ridden and is a pure bred which an IRS agent’s child would like.
7. Any person who feeds a mob with one loaf of unleavened bread and rises from his grave after being nailed to a cross. (***However, this exemption from income tax is subject to Judge Dawson and the prosecution team being forgiven for all the illegal crap they are doing to Erwin Schiff et all.)
*All laws preventing exparte communications between judges and prosecutors are hereby stricken from all federal codes.
**All persons observing or telling others about observing the ending of an exparte meeting between Judge Dawson and the federal prosecutors of Irwin Schiff et all shall be sanctioned with 5 days in jail. If Irwin Schiff complains, in open court, about such a meeting he shall have his time in jail doubled and redoubled.
*** If the demand for forgiveness by J.C. mentioned in number 7 is ruled to be overreaching then the prosecution team should go straight to hell but the obviously innocent, of any favoritism or criminal malfeasance during this trial, Judge Kent J. Dawson must be forgiven.

The Constitutionalist

By Blogger We the Constitutionalists, at 10/13/2005 12:20 AM  

First I would like to thank Freedom Law School for the phone conference each nite.
As I have watched the counter of hits, one has to wonder, are we getting the msg out?
The gov has not produced one stick of evedence that what they are doing is on the side of law. The Jury, well what can one say about the jury, I guess they each need to ask themselves, what has these people done that was against the law. And would they want this done to them, or one of their family members, when there is no law that has been broken/presented . The Jury has a chance to make more of a impack on gov wrong doing than Rodiney King did too cops. If the Jury dont want to be on every tv new show in the land then dont find irwin notguilty. And if they do find irwin guilty, they dont every want ask for help when the gov/irs comes after them, one by one they will come. Finding irwin guilty will not get you a free pass from the wrong of the gov/irs.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/13/2005 8:24 AM  

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."
Adolf Hitler

"When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."
Adolf Hitler

More to come exposing the Mind Set of those in supporting the fallacious tax.

The above and other quotes from their leaders show us the mind of our alleged American brother. CJ

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/13/2005 8:28 AM  

"The Constitutionalist"


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/13/2005 6:33 PM  

Dearest Darling Anonymous,
It only takes a second to establish a name to blog under. Now I know "DIRTY ROTTEN GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE SCUM" has been taken but there are other names you could use to describe yourself! Oh, I forgot. You are afraid if you register to get a blog name you will be traced back to the IRS/Prosecutor/Judge Dawson’s offices. Now I understand the hardships of being a ROACH when the light comes on!
However, you are operating under a false sense of security. A computer freak with the right software, as I just bought today, can trace “Anonymous” posts and give that information to Irwin to use if an appeal becomes necessary or to expose you before Judge Dawson. And trust me on this, Judge Dawson will not like it when one of his flunkies gets caught with his pants down.

By Blogger frank bucknar, at 10/13/2005 6:58 PM