Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Irwin Schiff Trial Coverage by Freedom Law School (Segment 2 of 4)

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Isn’t it interesting the judge tells Irwin he can’t participate in these blogs but allows the prosecution team to do so. The proof the prosecutors are commenting is the fact they site, by name and their attorneys name and the case numbers, of over twenty people who have lost in court. They also site obscure court rulings to prove their point. Who, other than disparate Federal Prosecutors, would have that information? I suggest the person in charge of these blogs run a trace on the commenters who site such cases for Irwin to be able to prove who those people are.

One of the federal Prosecutors made a comment on these blogs asking anyone to explain how the tax system could be improved. So here is their answer!!
The simplest system to tax all the people THAT WOULD BE CONSTITUTIONAL is a national sales tax. The reason the government does not want to do that is when a citizen went to buy a car and the tax was $12,000.00 then he would ask, "What the holy hell are you clowns spending my money on?"
Opps, no more pork projects! No more raises for Congress passed in the middle of the night. No more paying of IRS agents or Federal Prosecutors to illegally prosecute people who tell the truth. Now wouldn't it be a shame if those soulless people had to get a real job?

By Blogger zblackhorsez, at 10/12/2005 12:48 PM  

The court observers must have arrived late today because they did not talk about the first witness Irwin called. So here is what happened.
When Irwin called the witness a murmur of shock echoed through the room as he entered the court. Judge Dawson immediately slammed down his gavel and roared, “Just by looking at him I can tell this witness would have nothing of value to say. The witness is excused and the marshals will escort him out of my courtroom!” At that point three marshals rushed the witness and threw him to the floor which dislodged his crown of thorns. Then, as he struggled to get up it was obvious he was in pain from the large nail holes in his hands. At that point a strange glow surrounded the witness which struck fear in the marshals so they helped him carry his cross out of the room. But before the door slammed shut the witness turned, looked directly at Judge Dawson, and said, “You are pressing your luck with my old man!” To which Judge Kent J. Dawson answered, “How dare you or your father question my authority!”

By Blogger We the Constitutionalists, at 10/12/2005 1:38 PM  

The Internet Privacy Act code 431.322.16-C compels the warning, If you are affiliated with any government agency or police, or any other related group, or were formally a worker, you CANNOT enter these web pages, links, nor access any of its files for the purposes of influencing the outcome of a trial. And you cannot view any of the HTML files for the purposes of intimidation of any United States citizen.

By Blogger The Law, at 10/12/2005 4:45 PM  

The banking usury (theft) system has to be exposed. Even Sec. 1275 of the Code admits debt instruments cannot be taxed, such as federal reserve notes. The fed banks in conspiracy with U.S. Inc. has stolen ALL wealth from "the people" using fiat (counterfeit) non-money of substance, calling them dollars.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/13/2005 10:15 AM  

Hey blackhorse, you idiot.

How did that whole BI thing go?

How come you can't answer a simple geography question, considering you said you were in Vegas?

Put the wheels on your house yet?

By Anonymous Frank Buckner, at 10/13/2005 1:32 PM  

Why is there an occasional very loud burst of static, as if a sensitive microphone is being rubbed across fabric? It keeps occurring in call after call, all through this blog. Nobody ever comments about it, so I'm guessing that it may be happening on the muted phone of whomever is recording these calls.

By Blogger Jamie, at 10/15/2005 9:22 PM