Sunday, October 30, 2005


Bear with us as we switch to a new commenting system that will serve us better.

I would ask those of you that are critical of recent censorship to consider the following:

1. We all know the government is monitoring this site.

2. It certainly appears as though we have our share of agitators doing their best to stir folks up.

3. The agitators are succeeding at upsetting our good folks. As a result, some of the comments that have been left on this site border on threats.

4. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the worst post on this site were placed there by government employees seeking to portray us as enemies of the state.

4. If the government can gleam our comment sections to portray this site as a collection of anti government terrorist, they will use that to attack anyone associated with us, thereby destroying our credibility and efforts to bring attention to the problems we see in this nations courts. Or worse, shutdown our efforts.

The purpose of this blog site is to bring attention to the problems we confront in this nations judicial system and to do our best to assure citizens are afforded due process in our courts. We want to bring attention to the injustices we see.

This site is not about taking up swords or any other acts of violence. You'll have to take those thoughts to another site.

This site is about finding peaceful solutions to the problems plaguing defendants in our courts. Right now, the priority is righting the wrong we just witnessed in the trials of Larken Rose and Irwin Schiff and company.

I know many of you are devastated by what we have just witnessed, which makes it even more important not to let agitators distract us from our mission.

Responsible comment on both sides of the issue are always welcome. If your sole purpose is to insult and agitate, please take it somewhere else.

I trust all of you understand why we must take steps to maintain the integrity of this site. Meanwhile, please send me an email at if you see a comment that needs to be purged from our mists.

I want to thank everyone in advance for your understanding.

David Jahn

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