Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Art Farnsworth trial, day 3

The government rested its case today in my tax evasion trial. My attorney Mark Lane has done a very impressive job of cross examining the government witnesses, in essence tearing two key ones to shreds. It kind of hurt to see this, as they were friends of mine from the past, and I still care about them. My church pastor testified at the end of this afternoon as a character witness, and I have two friends testifying on my behalf tomorrow morning. We start at 9:30, and I expect to take the stand in my own defense perhaps around 11:00. I believe we are planning to submit a motion for a directed verdict of acquittal, which is a request to the court that it dismiss the case when it is clear that the government has not, at the end of its presentation, met its burden of proof. Keep your fingers crossed!

The defense should rest tomorrow, if we lose the motion attempt, which means the jury is instructed and goes out for deliberation at the end of the day.

The judge has been fair, the lawyers have been great, my spirits are up, and we are all maintaining good thoughts for a victory. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. If you would like to attend, the courthouse is on the 600 block of Market Street in Philadelphia, and we are in courtroom 17B.


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