Thursday, October 20, 2005

Schiff Trial Update. (Update 1) Judge Dawson denies the jury's request to see code books

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Maybe, just maybe one or more of the jurors saw the below and are exercising there full rights?????

Every jury in the country has the right to bring in a verdict based on, not whether the defendant's act or omission was merely contrary to a dictionary interpretation of the words or phrases used in some man-made statute recited to it by the trial "judge", but whether or not the defendant's act or omission was truly blameworthy according to the jury's (and representatively, the community's) natural sense of morality and justice. It is a well- established principle in criminal jurisprudence that an act or omission does not make a man guilty unless he does so by intention.
The right of the jury to disregard either the law (as laid down by the trial "judge") or the facts (as permitted by the same trial "judge" to be placed into evidence) is referred to in legal terminology as the jury's prerogative of nullification (jury lawlessness) which means in ordinary language that where the jurors cannot in conscience impose blame, they cannot in conscience allow punishment.
The prerogative of nullification (jury lawlessness) is not only legitimate, but a praiseworthy right of the jury as well. Prerogative nullification is a mechanism that permits the jury as spokesman for the community's conscience to disregard the strict requirements of man-made law, as well as the "judge's" instructions to the jury where it finds those requirements cannot justly be applied in a particular case. Today in the courts this unassailable doctrine is concealed from the jury and is effectively condemned by the "judge" in the presence of the jury.

JURY POWER in the system of checks and balances:
In a Constitutional system of justice, such as ours, there is a judicial body with more power than Congress, the President, or even the Supreme Court. Yes, the trial jury protected under our Constitution has more power than all these government officials. This is because it has the final veto power over all "acts of the legislature" that may come to be called "laws".
That is the power of the jury at work; the power to decide the issues of law under which the defendant is charged, as well as the facts. In our system of checks and balances, the jury is our final check, the people's last safeguard against unjust law and tyranny.

A Jury's Rights, Powers, and Duties:
But does the jury's power to veto bad laws exist under our Constitution?
It certainly does! At the time the Constitution was written, the definition of the term "jury" referred to a group of citizens empowered to judge both the law and the evidence in the case before it. Then, in the February term of 1794, the Supreme Court conducted a jury trial in the case of the State of Georgia vs. Brailsford (3 Dall 1). The instructions to the jury in the first jury trial before the Supreme Court of the United States illustrate the true power of the jury. Chief Justice John Jay said: "It is presumed, that juries are the best judges of facts; it is, on the other hand, presumed that courts are the best judges of law. But still both objects are within your power of decision." (emphasis added) " have a right to take it upon yourselves to judge of both, and to determine the law as well as the fact in controversy".
So you see, in an American courtroom there are in a sense twelve judges in attendance, not just one. And they are there with the power to review the "law" as well as the "facts"! Actually, the "judge" is there to conduct the proceedings in an orderly fashion and maintain the safety of all parties involved.

Go to the internet and check for yourselves, there are many, just type juries into a search engine on a computer.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 3:48 PM  

the jury's gotta think something is strange if they ask for the I.R.S. code book to help them come to a decision........ AND THE JUDGE SAYS NO?!?!?!?"@$???

By Blogger lifetimenonfiler, at 10/20/2005 3:49 PM  

We should all get together a petition and call for Judge Dawson's Impeachment.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 3:50 PM  

Isn't this the second or third time they asked for that code book?

By Blogger lifetimenonfiler, at 10/20/2005 3:52 PM  

Like I just said a few moments ago before this blog...this Jury is a lot smarther than both the Defendent, Plaintiff and Judge gives them credit. They are seeing through the deception and now that the Judge will not give them what they are asking for in evidence, this bodes very poorly for the Gvt.'s case and I believe we may see an acquittal of all charges against the Defendent's soon.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 3:54 PM  

What else is new, is this a surprise to any "TPs" that the judge won't allow the jury to view the IRC. All those who keeps saying Irwin is guilty, must be missing some brains, something that this jury apparently has.

They are going to acquit him because they will be pissed off that the judge won't allow them to see the law. Irwin already told them in his closing argument, that the IRS is the most dibolical contrived scheme (organization) ever to embark mankind. Well something to that effect.

You can't diss jurors like this judge did without some consequences. This jury seemed bright to me and they are probably haggling with one IRS plant AMONGST THEM. Nevertheless, IRWIN WILL BE ACQUITTED and this jury will set us all free. GOD BLESS THIS JURY.

By Anonymous Moses (of the Bible), at 10/20/2005 4:01 PM  

What a farce of a trial! What a joke of a judge! To deny the jury access to the law is to deem their judgment inferior, an insult to all of us Americans who have given these tyrants their power.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:02 PM  

A petition for Dawson's impeachment sounds good. I'd sign it, if my signature would mean anything since I don't live in Nevada.
But that petition would just be the beginning. I think there should be an huge effort to publicize it (even if not successful) along with the outcome of this trial.

By Blogger The Tarquin King, at 10/20/2005 4:02 PM  

News for Judge Dawson,

If you deny evidence that is requested by the seperate body (Jury) that has the ultimate say in a criminal trial, then you should only expect an acquittal of all charges against the Defendent in such criminal trial.

This has to be the most bonehead move by any Federal District Court Judge. This is the Jury challenging the 'good faith' of the Judge and the result of the challenge is that it has proven that Judge Dawson is biased toward the Plaintiff.

No worries, all the better for the Defendents case. Acquittal on all charges is next.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:03 PM  

That is incredible, if I was on any jury and I asked for the specific written law or any other evidence in any case and the judge said no, I would aquite on all charges without thinking. I don't know if what Irwin did was a crime or not but what this Judge is doing is outright wrong and in my opinion bordering on criminal.

By Anonymous Name Withehld, at 10/20/2005 4:07 PM  

Maybe this Judge Dawson just wants this thing over with...and by denying the Jury pertinent information, this will lead to acquittal. I can't imagine that a Federal District Judge would think a Jury is going to convict a Defendent when they are denied access to pertinent evidence. Unbelievable!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:09 PM  

It appears clear that the Gvt. did not meet the substantial test of burden of proof to convict these Defendents...the Jury is trying to come to a concensus with the evidence to find a conviction. However, the necessary evidence to convict these Defendents is missing from the Jury room. Thereto, acquittal is forthcoming.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:11 PM  

Well now we know that there is at least one, possibly even two Jurors who are asking the questions that Irwin presented in court. This is a very positive sign for Freedom Books.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:18 PM  

I have only made one other post in the past 1 I have followed all of the trials (Joe Bannister....Larken Rose) and have a few, what may seem strange, questions.

If the court is not allowing the law to be entered into the cases by the defense, what are we the people doing about it?

Shouldn't this be something that every TV station...every Radio station....every Newpaper....every Billboard in the country should be addressing.

Yes, I understand that this requires lot's of funding, but what better cause than to fund something along these lines. I feel that if all of the organizations that are fighting this injustice would come together on a "united front" to confront this tyranny...we could make some huge progress.

I mean...even those that don't agree with the "movement" would find it very strange that the court will not allow the LAW to be discussed in a trial. I mean really....sheesh...this is lunacy!

Public awareness is the key...not keeping our ideals to ourselves. This is a group of people that has done a tremendous amount of research on the law...and simply sees that the "taxes" levied by the US Government do not apply to them. Then, when the government wants to take them to court to put them behind bars...the LAW can not be discussed? What am I missing????

I don't claim to know much about the law...(I am learning), but it seems very strange to me that we would want to keep something like this quiet.

Even a viral email campaign would be a good place to start in educating the public...anything...but with a well orchestrated plan.

The groups need to come together and get this information out to the public.

Sorry for the rant!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:19 PM  

CALL YOUR LOCAL RADIO TALK SHOWS and let them know about this Judge jury tampering. By not allowing the jury to be well informed before convicting a fellow citizen is a crime in itself. Please let the public know about the injustice. Juries should have access to all law books and even Lexis Nexis, WestLaw and any other material deemed necessary to be well informed before making a major decision.
Again call you local media and congressmen about this issue ASAP. Thanks

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:48 PM  

This is really starting to look like a slam dunk for irwin

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 4:48 PM  

The judge absolutely denied this request saying that it would be "problematic". kidding. ANYONE that starts investigating "income tax" issues for themselves will realize the pieces don't fit. The lie would be exposed.

MAJOR problem.

By Anonymous An Ant, at 10/20/2005 4:55 PM  

Kinda strange how Irwins book "The federal Mafia",which has been BANNED by gummint!!!..... ended up being evidence for review in deliberations, But the I.R.S. code book which has been PUBLISHED by gummint!!!......cannot be reviewed in deliberations.....HOW FREAKIN'IRONIC IS THAT???!!!

By Blogger lifetimenonfiler, at 10/20/2005 5:03 PM  

Boy, if the Jury doesn't smell something fishy after being denied evidence by the Judge, then I've got some Worldcom shares for you.....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:04 PM  

Yeah..why would they let the Federal Mafia into evidence, but not the IRC..what gives here? Can someone explain this?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:06 PM  

If anyone is interested in politely emailing Judge Kent Dawson’s direct superior within the LDS Church you can address your emails to Elder Charles A. Didier he is over Kent Dawson’s Stake within the LDS Church. His email is If you are LDS as I am, please, I encourage you to let Elder Didier know how you think about Dawson’s horrific and evil conspiring actions within his courtroom while he wears his black robes of darkness. For the record this is not how the LDS people are and is completely opposite of how LDS people in good standing should act. If you are sending an email please remember that you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. It is not Elder Charles Didier or any other LDS member that is at fault only Kent Dawson. I am embarrassed that he is known to be a Mormon let alone a Stake President.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:10 PM  

David F. Sarnowski, General Counsel and Executive Director
Commission on Judicial Discipline
P.O. Box 48
Carson City, NV 89702
(775) 687-4017
FAX (775) 687-3607

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:12 PM  

We don't even need to go through the hassle of reporting to all these agencies about the incomprehensible acts taken by this Judge....the Jury is seeing right through this...Like I said, the Jury is much smarter than all are giving them credit.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:21 PM  

Consider this, during the cross examination of an IRS agent Mr. Schiff held up one of his 0 tax returns and asks the agent what about it was illegal. Judge Dawson ruled whatever was illegal about it was irrelevant.
That ruling alone would make one think any police officer could stop you on the street, arrest you and charge you with violating the law, then when you got to trial, the judge could tell you that neither you nor the jury was entitled to know what law you broke! Then, just because he can, as in this case, the judge tells the jury to find you guilty because he says you broke a law.

The above may sound far fetched, but as I watched in disbelief at judge Dawson's rulings during Mr. Schiff's trial it reminded me of a page from my novel about Irwin Schiff entitled “The Constitutionalist” it goes like this and it could just be over the horizon;

“If, we the people, do not stop the government’s misuse of the tax code then the next time congress decides to take our money they’ll just pass a law declaring all crimes are punishable by the forfeiture of all the assets of the accused. Then, they’ll tack a law to the back end of a thousand-page bill that nobody reads, declaring everything is against the law.
Now imagine this scene. Congress decides to spend a few thousand having topless dancers entertain the overworked members of the Senate, but they need twenty thousand dollars. No problem. They send two Federal Marshals to a country club. The Marshals stand on the first green and one of them says to the other, "Hey Dan, did you see that guy’s putt? It missed the hole by a foot."
Dan answers, "Yeah, I did Huey. He misread it," Huey says, "It’s hard to believe a nice looking guy like that has so little respect for the law. Book him Dan-O."
"For what?" Dan-O asks.
Huey solemnly answers, "Being a bad putter is against the law and be sure and get that set of clubs. Maybe they will improve my game. I’ll take his car, confiscate his house and clean out his bank account.”
After a quick glace around, Huey exclaims, “Oh no! Did you see that! That golfer over there is looking at us. Doesn’t he know that is against the law? This place is infested with criminals. Call the paddy wagon and round them all up.""

For other other blogs from The Constitutionalist with pictures of judge Dawson just left click on the blue The Constitutionalit at the beging of this blog. Or go to;

By Blogger We the Constitutionalists, at 10/20/2005 5:25 PM  

Win or lose . . . what this trial will and has done is raised awareness 100 fold to the truth about the un-fairness given to the right to all evidence in a trial in this great country. IRS law and the truth about the ability to cease our hard earned dollars or not is just a small facet of what has happened here.
Many more people will now begin to look at the IRS codes and begin to bring forth the truth and evaluate for themselves . . . where as before this only a small percentage of the people were doing so. TALK ABOUT TURNING THE LIGHT ON TO DARKNESS!!
The power in numbers is where action begins and strength happens.
So ever more, people are going to become aware of what happened in this trial. No matter if a defendant is guilty or not guilty . . . they still have the right to be defended completely themselves completely and not prevented from bringing in all evidence to prove their own case. This is where the prosicution has made it's own bed. And once all these people start thinking about the fact that next time it could be them, a family member or a friend that may not be given a fair trial whether it be a tax trial, a lawsuit, a business battle or a traffic ticket.
Whether you agree with Erwin or not is not as important as . . . DID THEY GIVE HIM HIS RIGHT TO FULLY DEFEND HIMSELF IN A COURT OF LAW. This is where the walls will begin to crumble around the injustice that has been dished out in this case.
What this says to me by not giving Erwin a fair trial is . . . THERE IS SOMETHING TO HIDE.
Only time will tell what impact this trial will bring. After all . . . only a few million people are seeing , hearing and evaluating this trial.HMMMMM . . .


By Anonymous Truth For Justice, at 10/20/2005 5:42 PM  

What da all say to all of us getting together in Las Vegas after Irwin, Cindy and Larry acquittal and having a great big celebration!

I'll supply the dummy of Judge Dawson, if someone will supply the gasoline and the match and we’ll have a great time burning the criminal and tyrannical Judge Dawson in effigy. Bring marshmallows if you like and toast them on the fire.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:43 PM  

truth for justice...

You are right...the more the Gvt. prosecutes, the more it's going to blow the lid-off on this issue...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:49 PM  

How bout calling Howard Stern. Wasnt he going to run for mayor in NYC but backed out when he found that all your personal finances had to be made public. He may find this case worth talking about considering how much money he makes.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:50 PM  

Hey, where's Frankie ole' boy....he'll probably tell us this means nothing, of course..

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:53 PM  

"If the court is not allowing the law to be entered into the cases by the defense, what are we the people doing about it?

Shouldn't this be something that every TV station...every Radio station....every Newpaper....every Billboard in the country should be addressing."

YOU HAVE AN OUTLET...its Independent Media Center, and there are many of them that could include a web site URL reference to this blog.

Anyone can prepare a media statement.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:55 PM  

Anonymous said...
If anyone is interested in politely emailing Judge Kent Dawson’s direct superior within the LDS Church you can address your emails to Elder Charles A. Didier he is over Kent Dawson’s Stake within the LDS Church. His email is If you are LDS as I am, please, I encourage you to let Elder Didier know how you think about Dawson’s horrific and evil conspiring actions within his courtroom while he wears his black robes of darkness. For the record this is not how the LDS people are and is completely opposite of how LDS people in good standing should act. If you are sending an email please remember that you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. It is not Elder Charles Didier or any other LDS member that is at fault only Kent Dawson. I am embarrassed that he is known to be a Mormon let alone a Stake President.

10/20/2005 6:10 PM

I am also a Mormon, and I agree with this above message. You want to get this judges attention? Send an email to Charles Didier at the above email adress.
Stick with the facts please.

We are not devil worshipers as some "dumb ass" has stated on another blog. And I would love to take the time to adress each of the issue brought forth in that blog. However this is not the time.
What you should know in a Mormon in good standing knows that the constitution is inspired document from God.

We stand with you and the truth!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 5:58 PM  

I agree, Impeach non-judge dawson. You know he knows the law and that is why he want let the jury see the irs code book. He's afraid the jury might find out the whole truth. Impeach non-judge nothing but a hypocrite.

I'm not much into religion but, I Timothy chtr 3 starting starting with the first verse: This is a faithful saying, If a man desires the position of a bishop (a person of stature or authority) he desires a good work. He then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach. Not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money. but gentle, not quarrelsome not covetous. Dawson is wasting his time if he thinks he is following the Christ of the Bible.

Impeach non-judge dawson now.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 6:12 PM  

Thank God for the may yet save the United States from further ruin and plunder....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 6:16 PM  

I'm glad to hear the good mormons standing up for their faith in the face of a rogue "judge". I may not agree with their doctrine, but they are truly some of the nicest people and best communities in this great country of ours. Let's not allow Judge Dawson's lack of respect for the Constitution, law, and freedom to effect our view of all Mormons.

Keep in mind, Judge Dawson is where he is because he was put there by the people in power. If Irwin wins and the Tax Honesty movement gets a major shot in the arm as a result, Judge Dawson will be the laughingstock among his peers (other judges) and people in power in D.C. He's a human just like the rest of us (I hope) and is just trying to avoid a major blemish on his career.

Bottom line is that we need to pray for him, as Jesus instructed us to "pray for our enemies" even though the real ememy is much bigger than Judge Dawson. It is a system that has nearly destroyed the greatest country on earth over the last 60 years like a slow growing cancer that has eaten away our economic base. I guarantee that Judge Dawson could use some prayers right now and that he has lost much sleep over this trial.

Please pray for this jury as well. This could prove to be one of the most important court decisions in our nations' history. Imagine being told that you are in the Matirx when you don't even know that one exists. These people are obviously studying Irwin's book and want to cross-reference it with an acutal code book. God Bless Those People!


By Anonymous Neo, at 10/20/2005 6:20 PM  

thank you all for your input. I now have a reference when asked if I could describe "rabid".

Cindy' copy of the IRC was let into evidence in a limited capacity and wasn't relevent to the whole process. Actually, that the jury asked, is probably good for Cindy in that they are probably thinking she's too stupid to know what she did - Cheek defense 101.

Bad news for Shifty, if they are going in order, he's already been decided and I'll wager that it's "GUILTY" on all charges.

So shifty will be found guilty and perhaps cindy can have a life without a meglomaniac trying to run it.

By Blogger Frank Buckner, at 10/20/2005 6:24 PM  


Did you not know that what the judge says goes! HE IS GOD!!!

But that will FAIL when Schiff’s case does go to the Court of Appeals as in the decision last week of US v. Yakobowicz. See Irwin’s blog site.

Judge Dawson is allowing the jury to decide the case so he won’t have to, but if the jury finds Irwin not-guilty, then he will disbar the jury for some type of tampering by the defense and find Irwin GUILTY!

Schiff should ask this question at the moment before the jury reads the verdict;
Judge Dawson, are you a Masonic Lodge member?
If Judge Dawson says, “Yes,” then Irwin should call for a MISTRIAL!
If Judge Dawson says, “It is irrelevant,” then Irwin should call for a MISTRIAL!
If Judge Dawson says, “NO,” then Judge Dawson is a LIAR and Irwin should call for a MISTRIAL!
Judge Dawson was a high ranking official of the Mormon church, and the Masonic Lodge controls the Mormon church , so therefore Judge Dawson will comply with the Freemasonry rather than the U.S. Constitution!!!

By Anonymous non-liable, at 10/20/2005 6:30 PM  

Anyone hoping to print and pass out literature anonymously (windshields, etc.) will be disapponted to discover that printer manufacturers have long employed hidden watermark signatures which help the FBI, Secret Service, IRS and others to identify the date, the printer and the owner from which the document came.

The Spy In Your Printer


Cyber sleuths at San Francisco's Electronic Frontier Foundation announced this week that the virtually invisible lines of tiny yellow dots laid down on a page identify not only the individual printer but the date and time the document was printed.

The tracking system was devised to allow the Secret Service to track down currency counterfeiters; however, the foundation warned that the technology could be used as well to identify users who print flyers or other documents critical of the government.

"Even worse," said EFF Attorney Lee Tien, "it shows how the government and private industry make backroom deals to weaken our privacy. The logical next question is: what other deals have been or are being made to ensure that our technology rats on us?"

The foundation said it had only unraveled the code on the Xerox DocuColor printer but knows it exists on machines from other manufacturers.

# # #

By Anonymous notepad, at 10/20/2005 6:32 PM  

Ok, back to the Bible. Everyone that says they are Christian. Needs to quit with the name calling and negitivity. Matthew 5 starting verse 43: You have heard that it was said you shalll love your neighor and hate your enemy. v 44: But I (Christ) say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you. v 45: That you may be sons of your Father in heaven....etc.

Also remember the verses of the Beatitudes or the Beautiful atitudes all true Christians should have.

Name calling and negativity shows who you really are.

Anyway this is about Mr. Schiff and the non-judge dawson and dawson's tranny.

Impeach non-judge dawson NOW!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 6:33 PM  

i-think-i-see-the-problematic-problem-that-the-problematic-judge-has-a-problem-with......the jury NEEDS to see if Irwins book "Mafia"contains any blatantly wrong statements that conflict with I.R.S.code.....and that folks..........creates a PROBLEM. and I gotta problem with that.

By Blogger lifetimenonfiler, at 10/20/2005 6:33 PM  

Frank You have done too much fudge packing and it has damaged your brain if you ever had one.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 6:35 PM  

I hope everyone else also has a problem with that

By Blogger lifetimenonfiler, at 10/20/2005 6:35 PM  

Enough of this bullshit... it is time to launch the biggest, most powerfull and well orchestrated wildfire email-phone-letter educational campaign of what the IRS is. We've had enough of this fraud. It is time to kick strip these thieves out of power and into jail and shut down the IRS and Federal Reserve. If this is still the American Republic of Law, Freedom and Bravery, a Gov. of, by and for the People, then it's time once again to refresh everyones memory.

Let's gather the group by posting about what is happening at this trial in these and other friendly forums and ask all to come and formulate an orchestrated all out attack..the internet, the law and the truth is our weapon.

It's time to do and stop complaining.

Down with the Quatlooser scum, the pay-triot and the Corporation.

No leader, no name, all for one cause; there is much work to be done.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 6:39 PM  

It was just revealed to me today that IRS special enforcement agents who seize citizens'
property are paid commissions for doing so. This profit-sharing "incentive" for agents to
steal from the public is nothing less than an organization of thugs operating in the U.S.

No wonder IRS agents are so anxious to levy & seize. Is anyone else aware of this scheme?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 6:42 PM  

Just some food for thought. Just suppose Dawson was under pressure from his handlers and from the IRS to do just as they wanted him to do and he decided to comply knowing that by doing so would be obvious to any juror with an IQ above room temperature that something was amiss. Maybe he's wiser than we are giving him credit for. Have you ever heard of a boxer throwing a fight while still looking sort of good?


By Blogger wolfgangsmutz, at 10/20/2005 6:43 PM  

Historically Freemasonry and the history of the Mormon Church are interwoven. Joseph Smith, Jr., was initiated a Master Mason in a Masonic lodge in Nauvoo, Illinois. His father and brother were both Masons.

Freemasonry & the Mormon Church

# # #

By Anonymous notepad, at 10/20/2005 6:44 PM  

I think theres a problem.....

By Blogger lifetimenonfiler, at 10/20/2005 6:45 PM  

Anonymous said...
It was just revealed to me today that IRS special enforcement agents who seize citizens'
property are paid commissions for doing so. This profit-sharing "incentive" for agents to
steal from the public is nothing less than an organization of thugs operating in the U.S.

That is not correct. You need to check and double check your sources before posting please. We don't want to look like a bunch of idiots. Take this to the bank. I myself am an ex revenue agent so I ought to know. BTW I am no longer an enemy, I am with Irwin and all, especially MR. Banister and Sherry Jackson.

By Anonymous Dave, at 10/20/2005 6:48 PM  

Anonymous 7:42PM

My understanding is that what you are referring to is called a "prize." If a conviction is obtained then the judge, IRS agents and others are awarded a substancial secret monitary award.

By Blogger wolfgangsmutz, at 10/20/2005 6:50 PM  

Wrong again no secret money/prize. Now you may get a performance award for the extra work involved but that is not secret. It is taxed too. Isn't that Great.

By Anonymous Dave, at 10/20/2005 6:56 PM  

The statement of above is incorrect.

The IRS issues two types of pocket
commissions, an "enforcement" commission and a "nonenforcement" one.

Although the IRS provides "awards" to Attorneys, Federal Judges, CPA's, the President of the United States, members of Congress, H&R Block, etc., a pocket commission is an authority (for an agent) to do a particular job.

A pocket commission is not a sum of money (commission for sales or other compensatory position).

# # #

By Anonymous notepad, at 10/20/2005 6:57 PM  

Ok, lets take a logical look at just a couple bits of info that the jury has to go by. they have the judges instructions to the jury stating that they have to find Mr. Schiff guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ok now the jury ask for help deciding beyound that shadow of doubt by asking for the irs code book. The non-judge dawson says no. So now the jury is in more doubt than they were before they ask for the code book. They have to know something is up. I am beginning to beleive that Mr. schiff might beat this trannical court and non-judge.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 7:03 PM  

That link needs some clarification, anyone that turns in a person and then the IRS assesses that person is elligable for a “reward” a kin to when someone looses a dog and the owner offers a reward to the person that finds it. The award is capped at 10% of the assessed tax. Check out this link

By Anonymous Dave, at 10/20/2005 7:06 PM  

I was just thinking here...This judge cannot be as stupid and corrupt as we all have been thinking, I mean, there is a good chance that we're correct but something doesn't smell right. He's a Mormon and we have heard how they admire our Constitution and he must know what kind of trouble this could mean for him in one way or another. I know from my own experience what kind of good people Mormons are. Now suppose, just suppose that he is under orders from our friendly gubmint to fry Irwin and suppose he doesn't want to given his beliefs and all so he completely does an OVERKILL of this action, he appears to be obeying his orders to fry Irwin when at the same time he's actually throwing the whole thing into an irate jury's lap, do you all suppose that's possible?

By Blogger Macloed, at 10/20/2005 7:12 PM  

Judge Dawson has a Catch-22 to deal with;
He complies with the church by complying with the U.S. Constitution, which we know he has failed to do that,
Or, He complies with the Masonic Lodge and makes sure the IRS and government is protected by convicting Schiff, which seems the most logical.

If he is thrown out of the church, then no big deal!
If he is thrown out of his judgeship, then he can run for Governor like Roy Moore, former judge.
”While not originating with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Constitution of the United States is revered by members of this church. Accordingly, several founding documents are included here.”

By Anonymous non-liable, at 10/20/2005 7:48 PM  

The groups need to come together and get this information out to the public.

Sorry for the rant!

10/20/2005 5:19 PM


You are on the right track. Don’t apologize for the rant as it was not. I was thinking the same thing. Hey if Carlton Sheets can buy time on the cheap cable channels and make millions doing it selling a real estate scheme, why can’t we use this medium to get out the truth? We would have to confine it to the facts (which are strong enough), so as not to be charge with an abusive tax scheme, but this approach might be more successful than begging a radio station for some air time at 1:00am. We need a united front, a war room, maybe We the People for Constitutional Education. But if we are going to win I’m convinced we need to have a central control point. As in the armed services command and control, baby.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 8:53 PM  

Frank You have done too much fudge packing and it has damaged your brain if you ever had one.


John, who I assume is John Vories (who actually spent a day handing out Gene Chapmans phamplets), you seem to be fixated on homosexual references. I'm assuming that's due to some deep seated desire on your part to engage (if you haven't already - how exactly did Gene pay you for handing out those phamplets?) in a homosexual relationship. Sorry pal, I'm straight. Good luck in your search though.

By Blogger Frank Buckner, at 10/20/2005 11:04 PM  

I'll supply the dummy of Judge Dawson

How you gonna get past his guards to invite him to the party?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/20/2005 11:20 PM  

me thinks if I were on the Jury I would take off the gloves at this point and DEMAND to see that book!

By Anonymous Lightwalker, at 10/21/2005 10:15 AM