Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Irwin Schiff Trial update by Mike Golden

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My two-cents...

Our Constitution as originally written did allow slavery, if one of the SOVEREIGN (as in separate, my border is my border, nation-state) governments chose to allow it. The 13th amendment made slavery unconstitutional & the SOVEREIGN states ratified it as OK.

But then the other shoe dropped, although it has taken over 135 years, the 14th amendment kicked every bit of SOVEREIGNTY out of the Constitution. There are no differences between SOVEREIGN states because we now have dual citizenship--one to the State (nation) we live in, another in the UNITED STATES (Nation). I believe the 13 states formed the United "STATES," the 14th amendment has been used to make us the United Citizens...who aren't truly united.

Centralized government WAS NEVER envisioned by any of our founding fathers...but Karl Marx sure knew how to do it.

But the USSR had a few problems implementing their "experiment" in a classless society....
First, they did it violently.

It is much easier to get people to let you do what you want without a fight, if they invite you in to "help." Labor, social, civil right programs....

Second, they didn't control the money because they didn't have the infrastructure.

Third, they didn't have the infrastructure (b/c they didn't have the money--I know it's a closed loop) in place to easily direct, control or otherwise manage daily life through commerce, transportation or communication.

In the US, we've got every control point covered...anybody read a local paper about truly local issues recently. There are no more local issues, they all have become "NATIONAL" (Central) concerns. Everything else is standardized...roads, tv, stores, etc.

I could go on, but then some might feel I don't have a "plan" or am only a "TP'er"....

The tax issues ya'll are taking time to address, while very valid & interesting to read, are but ONE portion of the problem & in fact a mere symptom of the underlying disease.

You & I are We. We the People.

While We are busy fighting each other, We're not busy watching the back door.

I don't care if you're a Quatloos-dude or a Tax Challenger...We are all Citizens complaining about the same things, only in different ways about different issues.

You don't like Taxprotestors & feel they should pay their "fair share"...really? And when the United States decides that "fair share" should go to subsidize oil drilling in your own backyard?

Without money there is no can't do good by doing evil. No matter side of an issue you're on, some day you'll be upset because your "fair share" is being used to pay, fund, subsidize, support something you don't probably already are, don't like the war in Iraq? Brought to you by the US taxpayer...if there wasn't a blank check, the war would be over.

Go ahead and complain that I took all the Blog space...don't worry, I'm sure they'll make more ;) is still a free country on paper at least.

By Anonymous UnIrWe, at 9/28/2005 9:21 PM  

I think the income tax issue--and the money issue (that is, silver and gold currency vs. bank-controlled debt-based currency) which I think goes hand in hand with the income tax issue--as it is put forth here is a key to alot of other issues. It goes to the fundamental perception that people have of their government (at whatever level) not simply as being trustworthy or not, but also whether it is acting outside of the law or not. One looks around and sees most people in this country who are employed give a federally issued I.D. number, voluntarily sign papers and give over a significant portion of the money they work for every day to the government before they even see it. And most people still consider this to be perfectly normal and acceptable. Yet if you challenge this by trying to get a job without giving the number and signing the government papers, you will probably see whoever hired you look shaken and frightened when they see an affidavit in lieu of a W-4 and an evidence package stating why the law doesn't actually require this of a citizen of a state with domestic earned income. Many believe that this system, which is really no different than a scared child giving part of his lunch money to a school bully every day, is acceptable, not to be questioned. The point is, the tax system as it is enforced now is at the heart of the average person's basic worldview, and if he ever comes to no longer believe its right and true, it must change some of his fundamental perceptions he has about other things that constellate around this issue. For example: what is money? Does slavery still in fact exist, but in a new form, if I am in effect having to work for the government for free?
What of a government whose laws about taxation seem to say one thing yet they deny this and refuse to seriously answer questions about it?
Why is it so hard to acquire and enjoy the things our society has to offer without giving an I.D. number Could a government engage in offensive war whenever those in power decide to proceed regardless of whether its people want this to happen if the government did not have a virtually unlimited stream of money coming in from heavy taxation and an "elastic" currency loaned to the government that is in fact created from nothing?
People in the tax honesty movement keep referring to the movie The Matrix when they talk about the average person's perception and understanding of these things. Yet it is such an apt metaphor: Morpheus explaining the fate of the human race by holding up a copper-top battery. I think thats why it is such a big deal. An individual takes the blinders off on this issue and he really sees alot.
This country, and the world, is composed of individuals, and great change can be affected by changing the perceptions and thinking of large groups of individuals.

By Blogger The Tarquin King, at 9/29/2005 9:42 AM  

Excellent posts.

By Blogger Jamie, at 10/07/2005 5:35 AM