Monday, August 08, 2005

1 - My hope is that this blog provides a service


My hope is that this blog provides a service to those across the nation who want to know what is happening, but can not be here for the August income tax trials.

This month, starting August 8th, the government begins its prosecution of Larken Rose. Larken's trial will be followed by the trial of his wife, Tessa. (For some reason the government was not content with prosecuting Larken and his wife together, and many are outraged and appalled by the governments underhanded tactic of singling out Tessa Rose.) Then, starting August 29th, Arthur Farnsworth is scheduled for trial.

Ghandi once proclaimed that "we must expose the injustice". I'm hopeful that we can do just that. The goal will be frequent post to this blog throughout the day updating us all of events and concerns.

Current team members are:

Ken Evans
Jim Babb
Mike Badnarik
Sherry Peel Jackson
Quince Eddens

Others members are pending

The watchful eyes of a nation are sometimes needed in order to assure a proper trial. If history provides a prelude of things to come, the governments attempts to interfere with these defendents' rights to due process will soon become very apparent.

It is my sincere hope that these trials will be conducted with the dignity necesary to restore our faith in our nation, our justice system, and our fellow man.

David Jahn

1 Old Comments:

Rose will most probably lose.
Reason: 1
He should have never agreed to enter their court and play by their rules.
Reason: 2
He should have exhausted his "Ad-
ministrative Remedies" first.
Reason: 3
He should have returned "ALL" pre-
sentments within 3 days with a note "you have the wrong party"
Reason: 4
If you hire an attorney, you are a ward of the court. You lose.
Reason: 5
They can only prosecute with your permission, he agreed. If he's in Tax court, you lose. The idea is to stay out of their courts.
The IRS is after the fiction "ROSE"
and the flesh and blood man "Rose"
is standing in for "ROSE" the fiction. If you want to help others
you must do something within 72 hrs. If you know someone, contact

By Blogger oldman78, at 8/10/2005 1:05 PM